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Company Brief Introduction

 Dongcheng Packaging Company Ltd, established on 7th,April,2003, is located at Guanpu Village,Guoxiang Street,Wuzhong District.
    Our company specializes in printing service. Our advanced equipment are as follows: four-color offset press, automatic four-color label printing machine, automatic reel-to-reel silk screen UV-style printing machine, sixmo and number-duplicate printing machine, carton printing machine, flat die-cutting machine, imported bar code printing machine, and other auxiliaries.
    Products Ranges:
    1、Self-adhesive labels and stickers, nameplates(PVC,PET,PE,PP ,Aluminum, etc. ),coated paper, writing paper, thermo-sensitive paper, removable fragile paper, adhesive labels(consecutive numbers, bar code, punching, non-drum, oil-proof,outdoor,fluorescene,etc.)
    2、Four-color instruction book, forms and sheets of different types, carbon-free copy paper,clothes tags, certifcates,paper boxes, etc.
    3、Corrugated cartons and colored boxes of different types.
    Main renowned customers: Samsung(Suzhou),OPW((Dover),ROCK(SRAM),BB Electronic,MSA and other reputed transnational companies.
    Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to your visit for cooperation talks.

Suzhou Dongcheng Packaging Company Ltd

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